Rambling: HospitalBuild Asia 2011

Wow, what a week it has been!

Among the many interesting events (and happenings) that took place last week was HospitalBuild Asia 2011.

HospitalBuild Asia is held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and I had the honor of serving as  Chair for the Healthcare in IT Conference as well as delivering a lecture on Vendor Neutral Architecture.

I’m not going to pile you folks with details but the conference went extremely well and I personally enjoyed the lectures delivered, it encompassed a wide range of topics, touching on diversified but relevant aspects of healthcare informatics so kudos to the organizing  team (which includes myself ) for putting it up together (and pulling it off).

It was also an amazing opportunity to catchup with old friends (all over the world) and making new ones, I think the level of networking that took place at HospitalBuild Asia has always been fantastic.

Of course ,the exhibits are definitely worth a mention, I took the opportunity to assess new technology, products and solutions as well as gauging the solution players in the market.

In all it has definitely been worth the time and effort participating in HospitalBuild Asia 2011.

I’d also be speaking at HospitalBuild Middle East in June 2011 so if drop me a note if there are ‘catchup opportunities’.


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