Ramblings: So a VNA is ‘just an archive’?

I meetup with a few ex-colleagues yesternight and in short, it was a good catch-up.

So what does this have to do with health informatics?

Well, among the numerous discussions that took place, there was one particular conversation on what exactly a VNA is.
(for the official record, the company that I work for in my day job provides health IT solutions and the key offering is a ‘VNA’)

A Ā friend Ā from Company A Ā said something like “a VNA isĀ just an archive, its just storage, thats why they call it vendor neutral archive”.

This would sound logical to many people, especially those who are notĀ familiarĀ with medical imaging informatics but whatĀ surprisedĀ me was, this guy works for Company AĀ which claims to also offers a VNA.

Now not all VNA are made the same (its just like Cloud Computing, not all Cloud Computing technology are made the same), some VNA are just archivesĀ (like Company A’s offering) but some VNA are more than archives, you see, the technology, along with commercial offerings has progressed to a whole new level.

VNA is now also term as Vendor Neutral Architecture and for those who have heard my educational talks, archiving is theĀ easiest part, getting them distributed to the right place, at the right time, in the right format and in a timely fashion (among other things) is what makes the difference.

It was kind of Ā sad that my friend does not truly understand what a VNA (especiallyĀ since he makes a living in this segment) but I feel even sadder for people who actually bought VNA technology from their company.

The good news, I am spurred by this incident to try and find the time to resume on my next book – Ā Ā ā€œVendor Neutral ArchitectureĀ  & How it will change the World (of Health Informatics)ā€ so more can be educated on what a VNA really is.

Details of the book project can be foundĀ here

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