Ramblings: Executive Certificate in Health Informatics

I think it is no major secret to all of you folks that I have been playing the role of an academian (in the area of health informatics) for quite awhile. In fact, that was the  main motivation for me in getting the doctorate – so  I can teach at institutes of higher learning.

While my role in academia has been more of curriculum development, adjunct faculty / lecturer and thesis supervisor, I had always offer my expertise / services under the branding of other institutes.

In some instances, I devised the core body of knowledge, curriculum framework, lecture notes, textbook, the actual delivery (including lectures and lab ) but the final certificate (e.g. a diploma) is awarded by another institute of higher learning.

Now I am not saying that the scenario above is bad or negative in any nature but there are challenges, like inability to update the curriculum as and when deem necessary and being tied down to a determined delivery schedule.

Now in addition to institute of higher learning, I also provide corporate training (all in my free time) for research institutes and companies wanting to learn about health informatics (e.g. medical device companies, system integrators, consulting firms and even health informatics solution providers).

So what is this post about?

well it is my pleasure to share with you folks that I have recently developed and delivered the Executive Certificate in Health Informatics, under the binaryHealthCare ‘brandname’.

To be precise, the certificate program was delivered yesterday for an audience of about 14 participants from two healthcare IT solution providers (they are actually quite reputable in the sub-segment they operate) and the informal feedback so far (I have not received the formal feedback) has been pretty good.

So what’s next? Well an Executive Certificate in Imaging Informatics as well as one in Vendor Neutral Architecture is in the works. Plans to  offer  these programs online is also being developed.

The best part?

Well binryHealthCare is a social enterprise that strive to improve healthcare (and saving lives) through advocating the importance of Health IT as an enabler for “better patient care at lower cost” by raising the standards of health informatics through training, continuing education and providing a vendor neutral community / hub to enable knowledge exchange and collaboration so one can expect the courses to be relatively affordable.

So stay tune for more updates and if you are interested in contributing to this educational initiative – drop me an email 🙂

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