Ramblings: So whats going on?

March 2011 can easily be described as one of the busiest month for me in 2011, then again, the year is far from coming to an end.

I guess I own it to you folks to explain my inactivity during March so allow me to briefly summarize what took place;

  • 1st March. HL7 Singapore ExCo meeting
  • 2-5th March, participation at Singapore General Hospital’s  Nuclear Medicine Update 2011
  • 8-15th March, in Taipei (Taiwan), visited NTU, NTNU, NTUH etc (love the food in Taipei)
  • from the 16-21st, I helped sort out some internal financial issues for HL7 Singapore (I am the treasurer) as well as the organisation of the HL7 Singapore Recruitment Event to be held on the 8th April (I am the Chair of the sub-committee organizing the event)
  • 21-24th April, in Jakarta (Indonesia) , visited lots of hospitals under the auspice of the Singapore Embassy
  • In addition, on the 24th April, I presented at the IBM Indonesia Healthcare segment sharing session
  • 25th April, I presented at the Wireless Healthcare Asia summit in Singapore (so its 2 presentation in 2 days, 2 countries)
  • 27 Mar – 1st April, in Bangkok (Thailand), performing workflow analysis & re-engineering as well as infrastructure redesign
  • On the 31 Mar while in Bangkok, I participated telephone interview by Straits Times (the article / interview was in the national papers on the 4th April)

On top of the above activities,  I have a day job (where I devote most of my time as the  responsibilities spans across ASEAN) , education and family (trying to compensate in this area now) commitments.

So it has been a busy busy month for me, I am now trying to clear all my work, catchup on assignments (and many more stuff for binaryHealthCare as I have left it hanging for most of the month).

All in a months work eh, and April doesn’t look any easier.

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