Datalux Unveils New Medical-Grade Computers

This is something (imho) really funny that I found off Imaging Economics;

Datalux Corp introduces the IPIX e-Series computers. The computers are designed for use in hospital point-of-care applications and for integration into other medical equipment.

The IPIX e-Series is completely sealed and includes an Intel Atom processor and 19” display. All molded plastic parts contain an antimicrobial additive that releases silver ions when bacteria contact the surface of the computer. Other features include five USB ports, RS-232, integrated stereo speakers, and an optional built-in camera and microphone.

The computers can be used as a stand-alone PC or operated as a virtual desktop in a client-server environment.

Seriously, whats next….

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  1. LEE Peng Hui says:

    How much, I wonder? I guess $3000

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