Ramblings: HL7 Singapore’s first Networking Event for 2011

The first  networking event in 2011 for HL7 Singapore took place yesterday and the event went pretty well.

The venue was Fabrika at Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel (beautiful place) and a total of 29 people attended the event, including 6 HL7 E-Learning Course  graduates (we had a mini graduation ceremony for them). The event was graced by Dr. Sarah Muttitt, CIO of MOH Holdings, Singapore.

There was also a lucky draw – the prize was a conference ticket for HIMSS Asia Pacific 2011 at Melbourne, Australia (argghh, I wish I won it)

For the interested, there are photos of the event available at HL7 SG’s website

We’ll are looking at organizing  another networking event in the later part of the year so stay tune.

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