New Article: Excuse Me, Do You Own Your Medical Images? What Your Didn’t Know About Your Image Archive

Dear fellow readers,

I would like to share with you folks a new whitepaper – Excuse Me, Do You Own Your Medical Images? What Your Didn’t Know About Your Image Archive. This whitepaper discuss the purpose of DICOM Archives and why most of the solutions requires a folk-life data migration even though DICOM is supposed to ensure interoperability.

Although I titled it under my series of “Excuse Me…” articles, this whitepaper really is a continuation of the Vendor Neutral Archive series and it can technically be counted as the 3rd in the sequence.

The 1st whitepaper can be accessed here

The 2nd whitepaper can be accessed here

This whitepaper (the 3rd) can be accessed here

All whitepapers mentioned above serves  as an introduction/teaser to an upcoming Ebook  – “Vendor Neutral Archive & How it will change the World (of Medical Imaging Informatics)”, estimated launch date : Mid-January 2011.

Enjoy 🙂



  1. LEE Peng Hui says:

    I’ve posted a link to your article here

    Best wishes,

  2. Adam Chee says:

    Thanks Dr Lee 🙂

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