Rambling: Binary Health Care Australia? No we do not sell shoes!

That’s right, here at binaryHealthCare, no shoes are  sold, in fact, there is nothing to sell here (except maybe a book or two) because binaryHealthCare does not endorse any product, we are a vendor-neutral social enterprise that provides free knowledge (see mission statement here)

So what is this post on ‘binaryHealthCare not selling shoes’ all about?

Well, someone informed me of http://www.binaryhealthcare.com.au which shares not only the same name but also the same color theme. I did a whois and it seems that this particular website is registered in 08-Sep-2010 (our domain was registered officially on 27 Apr 2004 although we go way till 2002 or 1997, depending on how you view the history).

So there you go, binaryHealthCare  does not sell shoes.

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