Five key features of tomorrow’s EHR

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As electronic health records become more prevalent, it becomes more difficult to choose an EHR that will remain relevant and usable well into the future. Jerry Buchanan of eMids Technologies, Inc., an IT consulting firm, shares the following five key components of the EHR of tomorrow.

1. “Liquidity of data is an absolute necessity,” said Buchanan, who cited interoperability and integration as important elements. The ability to share data amongst many different platforms will be a crucial component of tomorrow’s EHR.

2. Assuming those providers who want to adopt EHRs have already begun to do so, scalability is essential. A scalable, web-delivered solution with a low financial barrier will ensure further market penetration, said Buchanan.

3. Tomorrow’s EHR should be easily maintainable. Hospitals require a massive amount of maintenance for their  varied IT systems.  An overly complex EHR will not survive.

4. Mobile computing is a big trend in healthcare IT. EHRs that utilize mobility will hold greater appeal for physicians who want the convenience and efficiency of mobile technology.

5. User-friendly design and interface are critical to tomorrow’s EHR. “Today’s users demand context-sensitive applications capable of predicting their next move and streamlining workflow,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan noted that EHRs demonstrating interoperability, scalability, and maintainability used to have a strong advantage in the market. Today, however, those factors have become all but required for EHRs. Mobility and usability are emerging as aspects that will distinguish tomorrow’s EHR from the rest.


Personally, I feel that the points above can be applied to many facets within health informatics.

Food for thought?

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