New Article: The DICOM Conformance Black Paper – What Your Vendors Don’t Want You To Know

Dear fellow readers,

I would like to share with you a freshly minted whitepaper blackpaper on DICOM Conformance – What your vendor don’t want you to know.

Sounds like a serious topic? You bet!

In this whitepaper blackpaper, we will take a look at the role of DICOM,  the reasons why (and on how many levels) DICOM non-conformance takes place as well as the resolution options to DICOM non-conformance.

This whitepaper blackpaper is part of the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) series (first whitepaper can be accessed here) and serves  as an introduction/teaser to an upcoming Ebook  – “Vendor Neutral Archive & How it will change the World (of Medical Imaging Informatics)”, estimated launch date : Mid-December 2010

“The DICOM Conformance Black Paper – What Your Vendor Don’t Want You To Know” can be accessed here.

Note: Special acknowledgements to Mr Ravi Krishnan for advisory and proofreading on this whitepaper blackpaper (making it a better read).


  1. LEE Peng Hui says:

    Great articles, very clear and simple.
    I’m looking forward to the ebook. Meanwhile I’ve mentioned your articles in the UK PACS Group boards (

    We have a Philips MR and dynamic series get jumbled up in our Agfa PACS. It’s never been sorted after several years, and various upgrades which we were told would solve the problem. Now I understand why.

  2. Adam Chee says:

    Hi Dr Lee,

    Thanks for the kind words and it is great to hear from you again 🙂

    I will strive to get the Ebook completed on time and hopefully the world of medical imaging informatics will be a better one after the awareness level hits critical mass.

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