Ramblings: ‘The Book’ is completed!

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow friends and readers,

‘The Book’ is completed.

Granted that it took longer than expected (due to an unforeseen break  of 8 months), I have finally completed the first draft of ‘The Book’ and am in the progress of ‘rewriting’ / ‘editing’ the book to ensure that it ‘flows’.

It was tough trying to resume the remaining 3 chapters after a break of  8 months but I managed to pull it together as I took an extended break of 2 weeks due to frictional unemployment (transiting between jobs) and have been heading to the library of a local institute of higher learning (where I am an adjunct faculty) to work on the outstanding chapters.

Interestingly, this time round, I faced several struggles working on ‘The Book’ because I wanted to add more content and depth but I had to keep reminding myself the objectives of ‘The Book’;

  • To serve as an introductory text for Imaging Informatics related courses that I am developing for institutes of higher learning (mostly based in Asia Pacific)
  • To serve as a guide for the novice PACS Administrator and (hopefully) as a reference for the experienced

It was really difficult to restrain myself from adding on details on every possible nook  on the vast universe of medical imaging informatics which is  impossible  and the end product would have been a very thick and undesirable book.

I hope I will manage to deliver a ‘introductory overview’ of  the required knowledge, core concepts, best practices and guiding principles that should serve as ‘rules of thumb’, allowing the readers  to apply them (in context) with and resolve situations that may arise in their  course of work with confidence, smoothing the bumps as they navigate in the complicated world of PACS Administration.

So stay tune, ‘The Book’ will be release for sale towards  the end of October 2010 (it is now under critical review by a friend – who is also an industry expert).

Oh yeah, the name of the book is “So You Want to Be a PACS Administrator” and the official website is http://www.SoYouWantToBeAPACSAdmin.com

Note: In line with binaryHealthCare’s commitment to the environment, I have made arrangements with Eco-libris to have a tree planted for every book printed (an arrangement has already been made for 50 trees to be planted for “So You Want To Be a PACS Administrator”.


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