Ramblings: HL7 Singapore’s 3rd Exco

I got elected onto the 3rd Executive Committee of HL7 Singapore as the Treasurer on 1st Sep 2010.

For the unaware, I also contested for the 2nd Executive Committee elections (last year) but I was travelling (business trip in the Philippines) so that automatically got me ‘revoked’.

Most might think that the Treasurer’s job involves only handling the monetary aspects of the society, in actual fact, the Treasurer (and also  the Secretary) has the same decision and voting rights as the rest of the Ordinary Committee Members (think of the Ordinary Committee Members as without Portfolios).

Am I excited? Oh yeah.

In addition to HL7 Singapore, I also serve (and have served) on other national and international Technical/Professional Societies and at the moment. At the moment, I also sit on  the existing Executive Committee of AMBIS (Association of Medical & BioInformatics , Singapore), which is the national representative to IMIA (International Medical Informatics Association) so I am quite excited in the opportunities to contribute to the Health Informatics initiatives of Singapore given that most of the time I help other countries in the region).

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