Announcement: Establishment of CHITR – Community of Health IT Research

CHITR or Community of Health IT Research has been established through the merger of two existing communities – ClubPACS and CHIU.

An initiative of binaryHealthCare, the two established communities has been merged due to

  • A need to shift ClubPACS’s platform (from Ning to Grouply)
  • The mission and goals of both ClubPACS 2.0 and CHIU are very similar.

Formed officially in August 2010, CHITR or Community of Health IT Research is an amalgamation of ClubPACS 2.0 and CHIU (Committee of Healthcare Informatics Users).

CHITR is a vendor neutral, global, online (and free) community managed by health informatics professionals for health informatics professional and the  group is open to everyone as Health Informatics is not restricted to any particular clinical discipline nor is it simply a technology solution, rather Health informatics is the effective application of technology to optimize workflow of the healthcare enterprise and while technology is the enabler, health informatics practitioners are the agents of change.

The original goals of both ClubPACS and CHIU is to facilitate and accelerate the growth of PACS and Health Informatics through education and communication, this has not changed except that we recognized that effective administration of PACS requires one to be proficient in the general domain of health informatics (among many other things).

CHITR continues to serves as the avenue for sharing best practices, education, networking, and helping ease the implementation of ‘Paperless’ technology in healthcare and you are invited to be part of this great initiative.

CHITR can be accessed via

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