Ramblings: Migration of Platforms for ClubPACS.com

I just performed a data migration and touch up some pages of ClubPACS (there is alot more to be done over the next few days).

The reason why?

Well the provider of the original platform – Ning, has decided to charge money for all it’s network (it was previously free), now this would have not be a problem  if ClubPACS is revenue generating but the problem is, it is an online community to help raise the bar in health informatics and there is no way we can pay a monthly subscription fee that amounts to hundreds of US dollars every year.

So we decided to move, to Grouply.

The url – http://www.clubpacs.com remains the same and all contents has been migrated over so ‘nothing really changed’.

Of course, there will be more streamlining needed over the next few days but it will only get better 🙂

You will also notice that there is a community name change but don’t worry, we are retaining the domain of ClubPACS.com

So bear with us and if you wish to contribute / help shape the community, drop me an email.


Thanks for your patience.

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