Ramblings: Why is the theme of binaryHealthCare Green?

Time for some trivia – why is the color green chosen as main color in all things related to binaryHealthCare? This ranges from the logo, web portal, namecards, article format etc.

The reason why I am posting a blog entry on this : at least 3 people has posed this question to me (this month alone)

The answer : Green – Eco Friendly

Now before you get the wrong idea, binaryHealthCare was ‘born’ in 2002, out of my personal web portal (established in 1996, initially focused on Computing) and green has always been the theme since 2002.

The reason : I ventured into the exciting realm of health informatics through medical imaging informatics (hence why I still ‘hold a torch for the discipline’) and when it comes to medical imaging informatics, the most important sub segment would be PACS (and I was among the first few in ASEAN  to have implemented a radiology PACS and the first few in the Asia Pacific who sold cardiology PACS).

Among the numerous benefits of an effective PACS implementation would include the reduction (or better still, the elimination) of film, paper (forms, reports etc) and chemical (to develop ‘wet’ film). Hence the reason why I chose green because it help reduce usage of valuable resources, reduce wastage.

Of course, there are also servers consolidation (RIS, PACS and PACS Broker etc), using servers that produce less heat etc but all in all, it was green for being eco-friendly.

Maybe someone should give binaryHealthCare an award on this area, we are technically considered pioneers and advocates for green computing too!