Ramblings: HospitalBuildAsia 2010, FutureHealth ASEAN and CLMM

Alright, this blog post is a combination of 3 different ‘ramblings’ topics;

  • HospitalBuild Asia 2010
  • FutureHealth ASEAN Forum 2010
  • A site visit to a local hospital on their CLMM (Closed Loop Medication Management) implementation.

I’ll do a ‘summarize version’ and first thing first (order by sequence of events) will be HospitalBuild Asia 2010.

As mentioned previously, its my second year presenting at HospitalBuild Asia and for this year, I ‘served’ as the Congress Chair for the Medical Imaging track,  presented on 2 topics and hosted the panel discussion.

Sounds like a hectic schedule? Well it sure was!

I’d be uploading the slides for the 2 topics later so keep an eye out for it.

Now for FutureHealth ASEAN 2010, I must first congratulate the organizers – FutureGov, for an excellent job. Well Done!

The topics were well-chosen and the speakers were fabulous. The delegates were also the right mix, I attended this event representing my ‘day-job employer’ as an ‘vendor’ and I throughly enjoyed myself from both professional and personal capacity.

Both HospitalBuild Asia and FutureHealth served as an excellent avenue for me to catchup with old friends (and making new ones) as well as  discovering new aspects/perspective of health informatics (that is why I LOVE attending conferences).

Last on the list would be the site visit I made to a local hospital on their CLMM (Closed Loop Medication Management) implementation. This particular hospital happens to be my previous employer – yes, the one where I worked as a Imaging Informatics Administrator and started my career in health informatics.

Now CLMM is one of the latest buzzword in the world of health informatics and there is a good reason for it – Patient Safety and higher Quality of Care.

I’m not going to dwell too much into the details of CLMM (else this blog post will be 5 pages long) but the site visit did inspired me to write an article on how to utilize bar-code technologies.

I gave free consultancy to the Pharmacy department after the site visit as I noticed many areas that can be improved – easily and cost-free, many of them on bar-code technologies.

So there you have it, 3 of the most important events that took place to me (related to health informatics)  that I want to share with you.


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