Ramblings: My next speaking slot – HospitalBuildAsia 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My next speaking slot is with HospitalBuildAsia 2010 at the new buzz in town – Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

This will be the second time I’m speaking for HospitalBuildAsia and for this event, I’ll be giving the opening remarks for the Imaging and Diagnostics Management congress as well as present 2 talks

  1. Workflow Re-engineering and Technology Innovation to enhance Enterprise PACS Efficiencies
  2. Cardiology PACS – Getting to the Heart of Imaging Informatics

The congress (for my track) will take place on the 12th May 2000, I reckon I’m going to get a sore throat the next day but hey, its all for a good cause 🙂

See you at the Congress 🙂

P.S. I’ll upload the slides after the event is over.

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