Ramblings: I was supposed to write an article today…

I blocked off some time (after 7pm) to write an article today and I did get started – with only 2 lines.

Do not get me wrong, I really wanted to deliver an article but a colleague (yes, I was still in the office) from another department walk over, pulled a chair, sat down and played ’50 questions’ (which on hindsight, he has been asking the same old 50 questions every other day (occasionally a few times a day) over more than a month now, I think I was sub-consciously getting  irritated for having to answer them (out of politeness) again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and…… you get the idea.

Interestingly, he also posted a few interesting questions which when put in context, was quite amusing, the first being – “why do I list my qualifications and CV in my ‘blog’, am I ‘selling’ myself”.

The first thing that came to my mind was – is the layout of  binaryhealthcare that bad? Granted that it’s not the ‘sexiest’ web portal around but it still  shouldn’t come across as a ‘blog’ (it was actually quite demeaning), and for ‘selling’ of oneself, one should use Linkedin.

So to set the record straight, this web portal is an information and  web-presence for a Social Enterprise named BinaryHealthcare which also performs consulting services (mostly for free as a form of contribution to a noble cause) as well as serving as a collaboration platform (including consultancy firms, professional societies, other social enterprise of similar goals, educational institutes etc) and as with other thought-leadership providers, one would place a simple biography online to demonstrate credibility.

The other interesting question posted was that shouldn’t I exercise caution since I ‘proclaim ownership’ of Project CLEO (for my ‘day job’) given that in the  event that the project is not awarded, my personal reputation would take a hit  (see old post here – which I don’t think I ‘proclaimed ownership’ but rather shared that I am very excited to be part of this excellent opportunity).

Personally, I do not share the same thoughts because as the Business Manager of the Healthcare BU of my current day job, I will take full initiative to try and secure the bid from all possible angles and we all know that in the fair game of tenders, nothing is guaranteed – the best technology doesn’t always get implementation (maybe due to price) and the lowest price doesn’t always secure the bid (maybe due to technology), of course there are many more factors at play but I am quite amuse that the perception of one being possibility ‘stigmatize’ due to such reasons because a tender bid is the work of the entire bidding team and most importantly – if the pro-offered solution is a suitable fit in comparison to other bidders).

So there you have it – no article was written although the time was allocated  and ‘spent’ but I promise that if a similar situation happens again, I will politely ask the colleague  to ‘go away’.

Now to clear some emails 🙂

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