LUMEDX’s CardioPACS Integrates Philips Ultrasound Software

LUMEDX, Oakland, Calif, announced that its CardioPACS imaging solution has a new interface to QLAB, proprietary ultrasound software from Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass.

Philips’ QLAB advanced 2D and 3D ultrasound quantification tools is now able to be easily integrated with CardioPACS. Radiologists can now launch the QLAB application directly from the image while within the CardioPACS application.

“We are committed to supporting interoperability with other vendors, and LUMEDX CardioPACS interface to our QLAB ultrasound application is a manifestation of our connected workflow strategy,” said Neal Grotenhuis, cardiac ultrasound product manager for Philips Healthcare in the joint announcement.

“We recognize that not all customers will have a single vendor lab and are more likely to choose equipment from vendors who work with each other to improve connected workflow. Having a customer-focused approach and a cooperative strategy with other vendors enables clinicians to choose equipment that best meets their needs based on clinical features, value and workflow,” he added.

The new interface also eliminates the need to send the images to a stand-alone laptop or workstation for quantification and thus improve workflow.

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