Ramblings: I visited my family doctor today

I visited my family doctor today – as a patient, which I must say has been interesting because I took the opportunity to observe the workflow of the Clinic on a Monday (I waited 1 hour before I got to see the doctor and I utilized the time by reading the materials for the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt certification) and that opportunity gave me deep insight on how to better develop the product as well as marketing and branding aspects.

What was more interesting was when I took the opportunity to engage my family doctor on the topic of how a Practice Management System (PMS) and an effective Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can help a clinic achieve operation, workflow, clinical effectiveness as well as the business aspects of running a clinic. The conversation brought me further insights as well as horror stories – the doctor had to close down his clinic for an entire day the last time his existing PMS ‘broke down’.

I also took the opportunity to gain insights from the Clinic Assistant while waiting for my receipt (and medical certificate) and I must say, the primary care market is an interesting segment with lots of untapped potential, there are so many avenues to be improved with effective implementation of IT and I’m glad I’m in a position to help bridge the gap.

Thats it for now (time for me to catch on some sleep, after all, I am on medical leave 🙂

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