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I got this from Howard and thought it would be good to repost it here;

2009 Compilation Available

Early in January, the 2009 compilation of DICOM Standard PS 3 was posted to the DICOM Web Page (  This Standard is available for free distribution to all who may need it in the course of their work.  As usual, the document consists of all the material contained in the previous (2008) version plus all of the supplements and change items (corrections) that had been approved by the end of 2009.  In particular, the 2009 version contains new supplements concerned with:

  • Storage of 3D Ultrasound Images – Sup 043
  • Enhanced PET Image Storage SOP Class – Sup 117
  • Instance and Frame Level Retrieve SOP Classes – Sup 119
  • Specimen Identification and Revised Pathology – Sup 122
  • Structured Display – Sup 123
  • Breast Tomosynthesis Image Storage SOP Class – Sup 125
  • Colon Computer-Aided Detection SR SOP Class – Sup 126
  • Cardiac Stress Testing Structured Reports – Sup 128
  • Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements Storage and SR SOP Classes – Sup 130
  • Surface Segmentation Storage SOP Class – Sup 132
  • Color Palette Storage, Query and Retrieval – Sup 133
  • MPEG2 MP@HL Transfer Syntax – Sup 137
  • XA/XRF Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage SOP Class – Sup 140
  • Enhanced MR Color Image Storage SOP Class – Sup 141
  • SR Template for Reporting of Macular Grid Thickness and Volume – Sup 143

In addition to these 14 new supplements, some 162 change items were included.  Typically, these address errors in and clarifications to the Standard, but they do not add new functionality to it.

Looking to the future, two supplements are currently under development that, when approved, will be added as additional parts to the Standard:

  • Part 19:  Currently known as Draft Supplement 118 – Application Hosting
  • Part 20:  Currently known as Draft Supplement 135 – SR/CDA Mapping

An XML version of the Standard is expected to be available in 2011.

Changes in Leadership

In November of 2009, members of the DICOM Standards Committee conducted an election to select a new Vendor Co-chair of the Committee.  During its December meeting at RSNA, the Committee presented a certificate of appreciation to its two-term Co-chair Emmanuel Cordonnier, president and chairman of the Board of the French company ETIAM, who, then, turned over the gavel to newly elected Co-chair Kevin O’Donnell, Sr. R&D Manager with Toshiba Medical Research Institute, USA.

Since October of 2003, Robert J. Horn, a research scientist with Agfa HealthCare in the USA, has served as chair of DICOM’s WG-06.  Known as the Base Standards Working Group, WG-06 is the principal technical body of DICOM.  WG-06 has general stewardship of the DICOM Standard and is responsible for maintaining its overall consistency.  At its meeting in January, Mr. Horn stepped down from this most important position and passed those responsibilities along to Bas Revet, interoperability architect for Philips Healthcare (Netherlands).

2010 DICOM International Conference and Seminar

Please mark your calendar.  October 9 – 11, 2010 is the date for the next DICOM International Conference and Seminar.  This year, it will be hosted by the Brazilian College of Radiology and held in conjunction with the annual Brazilian Congress of Radiology in Rio de Janeiro.  Details may be found at  The Call for Papers and an Abstract Form have already been posted there.  Posters are encouraged as well as oral presentations.

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