IBM acquires Initiate Systems, bolsters role in healthcare IT

I’m not sure how popular Initiate Systems is over at your side of the world but it sure has gain a nifty reputation over here.

According to, IBM has acquired Initiate Systems.

“ARMONK, NY – IBM has announced its purchase of Initiate Systems, the Chicago master data management (MDM) company. The move signals a further foray into the MDM sphere for IBM. Executives say the acquisition will better establish IBM’s offerings to the healthcare IT field.

The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition will help give IBM’s healthcare clients “a comprehensive solution for delivering the information they need to improve the well-being of patients at a lower cost,” said Arvind Krishna, IBM’s general manager of information management.

MDM software allows firms to centrally organize customer, employee, product, supplier, and account data for enterprise-wide use. In purchasing Initiate – barely a week after its competitor Informatica acquired the MDM firm Siperian – IBM hopes to better enable government to share information across multiple agencies and also offer healthcare companies more efficient and consistent access to clinical data.

“In the U.S. alone, there’s $36 billion in government stimulus funds to facilitate the adoption of electronic health records and health information networks,” said Krishna. “Both being places where Initiate’s solutions play strongly.”

Ramblings: Phew~ What a month it has been

Dear fellow readers,

Firstly, my apologize for the ‘lack of activity’ at BinaryHealthCare, it has been a rather busy month.

For the unaware, (for my day job) I have moved on to a new area of Health Informatics – Primary Care and EMR (there are other segments but these two are the main areas of focus for now) and I spent the past month working on a RFP submission for a National wide project in Singapore – “Project CLEO“.

This particular segment of health informatics is pretty interesting as the role it plays when tied back to the “grand scheme of things” is quite important and I may say, crucial for success by serving as an enabler for other segments (I sense a need for a separate article on this topic).

Although I have previously been involved with EMR implementations (in the hospitals),  I find that there are many interesting aspects of the CLEO Project that is worth ‘mulling over’ as the goals, scale of implementation (national wide) and the interconnecting systems (the National Electronic Health Record) makes it one of the most intensive and challenging projects ever yet (even on an international basis).

Sadly I am not at liberal to discuss any sensitive details  due to an Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) signed with the Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH) but personally, I do hope that I’ll win the project (not just because of commercial factors) because I am confident that I can scale another new level with the primary care and EMR segment (just as I did for both Radiology and Cardiology Informatics).

Keeping my fingers crossed (wish me luck mates)