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Microsoft CEO: Information technology offers huge promise for health care companies

The conditions are ripe for health care to embrace technology, an area where it lags at least a decade behind other major industries, says Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer. ā€œIā€™m optimistic. The money is coming. The national debate has been … Continue reading

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Ramblings: Left High and Dry

SomethingĀ absurd happened to meĀ yesterday, to explain it properly, I’d need to first reveal a little background, for those who do not know, I love toĀ pursuit knowledge and if possible, I would try and gain a formal qualification on it. I … Continue reading

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ClubPACS Community Project 2010 – Calling for Authors for a book on Health Informatics in Asia is calling for authors to contribute to an upcoming book on Health Informatics with a focus on Asia. (e.g. Cardiology Informatics in Asia or EMR model in the US and how it can be ported to Asia etc. Authors … Continue reading

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Ramblings: My first post for the New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is official – 2010 is here (and by my time zone, it has been here for 3 days šŸ™‚ As the saying goes, a new beginningĀ for a brand new year (although I have tons of unfinished … Continue reading

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