Imaging in Developing Countries Special Interest Group

Dear fellow friends,

I’d like to share with you folks about the Imaging in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (IDC-SIG), a network of radiographers and other professionals working in the field of medical imaging who are working to support the advancement of radiography in developing countries.

The group was formed in response to the concern of a number of radiographers involved in overseas projects that whilst their projects were achieving a lot in their own right there was no exchange of knowledge and ideas between them. Consequently everyone had to find out everything for themselves; ‘the wheel’ had to be repeatedly re-invented and there was no opportunity for learning from similar projects.

The group was launched at a study day in 2004 which attracted around 30 participants. Since then the group has grown to over 70 members from a range of professional backgrounds including radiographers, radiologists, imaging managers, clinical tutors and lecturers, physicists, students, members of professional bodies and equipment manufacturers.

The IDC-SIG exists primarily to facilitate communication and sharing of ideas between its members. Responsibility for the organisation and financing of projects rests with the individual members themselves. The group does not intend to make rules or policy on how projects should be run, but aims to offer advice based on members experiences.

I personally feel that IDC-SIG serves a very meaningful cause, most of us are passionate about healthcare informatics because we truly believe and wants to make a difference, hence I reckon that there would be some of you folks might want to contribute (somehow).

The official website of IDC-SIG is

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