Ramblings: New short course I am taking – I bet you never saw this coming

Ok, before I start, I must put on a disclaimer – “This has nothing to do with health informatics – unless you see it from my point of view” 🙂

So I am taking up a new course – a short 12 audio lessons (with assignments to be done) on communicating with toddlers (I’ve a young daughter and the ‘terrible two’ is quite beyond me).

For the ‘uninitiated’, dealing with toddlers can be much more difficult than dealing with physicians (well, like toddlers, most of them are friendly and accommodating but the occasional ‘one off’ can really drive you insane).

So I sign-up (well, my wife did actually) for a course on how to improve my communication skills and ‘build powerful skills of influence’ so I can get my kid to comply with my ‘requests’ more often and reduces ‘the occurrence of fights and screaming matches’  (sounds familiar to your work as a Health IT professional? lol)

Alright, so I jested a little but heck, one can always apply knowledge gain from difference sources in different areas, I do that all the time so I reckon I might just pickup something to ‘improve my communication skills with Doctors 🙂

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