Ramblings: ICE seminar (Innovation, Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship) at Temasek Polytechnic

I was supposed to attend a seminar on “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fair and Seminar” organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

I actually arrived pretty earlier – at 1pm and proceed to local an available eatery for lunch (boy was it crowded) before attending the fair of 10 booths (which I finish examining in less than 15 minutes, after trying to gain some intelligent answers out from the participating students).

I was getting bored as the seminars starts at 2pm and I had 45 minutes on-hand, I needed to get productive (I don’t even find enough time to sleep these days, there is no way I’ll spend 45 minutes doing nothing). So I whipped out my phone and started to go through my calendar and by 1:45pm, the phone battery went flat (ouch).

It would seem that although I had decent power reserved for the day, I had forgotten to turn off the ‘Port Splitter’ I used to enable my GPS (I had to use the GPS earlier on to find my way to two unfamiliar locations). I took it as a sign from above and headed to my car, arriving back home at 2:15pm and resume writing my book.

Now that was the dose of  “Innovation, Commercialization, Entrepreneurship” I got out of the “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fair and Seminar”.

Ah well, such is life 🙂

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