Digirad Debuts Fee-per-Study Web Based Cardiology PACS and CVIS

And Digrad jumps on the bandwagon.

Digrad Corporation, Poway, Calif. has launched c.pax™, a new web based cardiology PACS and cardio vascular information system (CVIS). The combined structured reporting and picture archiving and communication system is an online solution specifically for cardiology applications.

“c.pax will offer our many cardiology clients a tremendous workflow enhancement opportunity as well as greatly improve their quality of life by enabling instant web-access to all of their patients’ imaging studies and reports,” said Digirad CEO Todd Clyde in the press release.

c.pax includes remote archiving, web-based multi-modality viewing, analysis and intelligent structured reporting, as well as a remote archiving system that lets physicians edit and complete reports remotely, while eliminating the administrative task of implementing and maintaining a local archive. It is also DICOM compatible.

The c.pax costs are structured on a fee-for-service basis, rather than purchasing the PACS system and service contract separately, saving large capital upfront costs. In addition, as a secure web-based solution, physicians are able to perform diagnostic work and submit reports from any computer, regardless of location.

Lets see, Web Based and Fee-For-Service, maybe these guys have been attending my talks. (just joking guys).

On a serious note, I didn’t manage to find out what sort of modalities Digrad’s CVPACS covers so I can’t cover on the breath (nor depth) of the solution. One thing I did notice is that it is (so far) only available in the USA so I reckon it’ll be awhile before I get to see it in action.

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