Updates: binaryHealthCare as a Social Enterprise

Alright, I reckon its time to announce the birth of binaryHealthCare as a Social Enterprise.

As you might have noticed, I have been focusing most of my time at ClubPACS.com, trying to build up the online community and there is a good reason why.

After attending the Entrepreneurship course and chatting with an old friend in the health informatics industry, I sat down and rethink on how to best utilize my time and resource on the various (related) side projects (binaryHealthCare, PACSAdminDay, ClubPACS etc) and worked out a ‘business plan’ to reorganize the various initiatives into a Social Enterprise.

The mission of binaryHealthCare as a Social Enterprise is to advocate Health IT as an enabler for “better patient care at lower cost” by raising the standards of health informatics through training, continuing education and providing a vendor neutral community for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Sounds lofty? Not really, if you think about it, the various initiatives launched have been working towards this mission except that the synergy is lower. Having said that, my efforts will most probably be insufficient (although a recent turn of events has freed up more time for me).

So stay tune for more updates.


Adam Chee
Chief Advocate

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