The 1st African PACS & RIS Edu-conference

Dear fellow medical imaging informatics professionals, I’d like to share with you details on the 1st African PACS & RIS Edu-conference to be held on the 22 – 24th October, at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Tygerberg Campus of the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa.

Personally, I am extremely excited because this conference is a ‘sign’, a milestone that signifies the importance and reach of medical imaging informatics. Our profession has come a long way indeed and the exciting part is – we are nowhere near stopping.

The goal of this edu-conference is to share experiences and knowledge gained through the implementation of PACS & RIS solutions at various sites throughout Africa. The hope is that participants will be able to take the knowledge gained during the edu-conference and ensure a successful PACS & RIS implementation at your institution and so doing improve patient care.

For the interested, the website is

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