Updates: New Article – Do Health IT vendors understand hospitals

“Do IT health vendors understand hospitals” is an article I wrote out of ‘inspiration’ arising from a question of the same title from a media company. I’ve written it in such a way that the reader will raise questions of their own and attempt to answer them while figuring out what applies to them (in their environment, culture).

I hope you enjoy the article.


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  1. I think in any of these situations there may be a couple of personality traits that work best. It seems like in the article you presented people agree that no two IT Vendors are the same as well as no two hospitals. When establishing which vendors would be the best to work with, I would pin point whether the IT vendor is a good listener, responds quickly to the needs of the hospital, how well they know the technology they are selling, and their ability to learn. The IT field is constantly coming out with new ways to improve so it is important for vendors to stay abreast and have the knowledge to educate their clients/hospitals. I have heard a lot about radiology equipment being temperamental. A hospital, in this case, should have no problems getting assistance when these machines act up.

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