Ramblings: I met up with an old friend…

I met up with an old friend (but she is not old) that I got to know back in 2002 when I first started out as a RIS/PACS Administrator and yes, she is in the health informatics industry too. As a matter of fact, she is from the RIS solution provider that I administered.

So I metup up with her for tea last week to catchup and chat alittle (well, alot actually). We realized that we share several ideology (which is not common in Singapore). Now this friend of mine has 12 years of professional experience in the health informatics industry and when she say she likes my blog (this blog), I was truly humbled (and very excited) because she is the 3rd person I personally know who told me that she reads my blog (I always thought the readership streams from out of Singapore).

Now that’s not the interesting part, the interesting part is that she is the 8th person in this two months to tell me that I should venture more into binaryHealthCare because of my passion. Yes, the key word is passion, I keep finding it amazing when different people, who do not know each other (some healthcare providers, some are solution providers, some are educational providers, some are conference producers, some are peers from other countries, all on the topic of health informatics) tells me that I should keep up the good work because they see the passion in me.

Now I am not praising myself (that would be shameless.. lol) but rather, I had been working on binaryHealthCare, ClubPACS, PACSAdminDay, writing articles, giving talks etc etc because I truly enjoyed it and yes, although I didn’t see it myself, it might actually be considered as ‘passion’ 🙂

And its timely too, because I was actually thinking if I should be spending all my free time (which is very little left after work and family) on all my ‘side gigs’ (there are more in the pipeline, including writing a book and lecturing for institutes of higher learning), hearing words of encouragement from this old friend strengthen my determination to make a difference for this industry and it is definitely quite motivational because the next day, I celebrated the International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day (and I received words of encouragement from peers on the other side of the globe for creating the day of celebration).

So I’m truly motivated (its a Sunday night now) and I’m working on how to better rebuild CluPACS (the effort paid off, I think I came up with something really interesting) so I really want to thank this friend (you know who you are) who gave me a timely morale boost (and some very good pointers on how to best approach some issues).

However in the meantime, I’m going to watch some television 🙂

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