Philips enhances xcelera with ‘tele-cardiology’

Philips Healthcare has now extended their offerings to include Tele-Cardiology.

“Philips has added a tele-cardiology capability to its multimodality Xcelera product. The informatics technology, Xcelera R3.1, builds remote access to cardiac information into its cardiology image management, analysis and reporting. The tele-cardiology function supports image sharing with referring physicians, as well as access to Xcelera capabilities through other information systems, such as an electronic health records system. Xcelera R3.1 is currently operating at Harborview Medical Center, part of University of Washington Medicine.”

Now for those who are not familiar with Cardiology Informatics, do not think that it is the same as Radiology Informatics – its not. While there are similarities, the workflow is quite different, so even for telemedicine implementation within the two discipline can be drastically different. I wonder how Xcelera R3.1 is handling this………….

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