Ramblings: Updates on ClubPACS and International PACS Administrator Day

For the curious on updates pertaining to ClubPACS and International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day, I have some good news to share 🙂

Let me first touch on ClubPACS. We are currently rebuilding the Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) Chapter and setting up the Hong Kong Chapter. While I’m sure the fine individuals are up to the task, its going to (understandably) take a great deal of effort so please do drop us a note if you wish to contribute.

On the side of International PACS Administrator Day, the inaugural celebration is taking place this 28th August 2009 (last Friday of August, annually) and as of today, we have a total of 10 ambassadors from 6 different countries (well, 7 countries if you count me in). It’s a day of celebration for all professionals involved in medical imaging informatics so do take the opportunity to give yourself a pat on your back 🙂

For more updates, do surf to www.PACSAdminDay.com

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