Ramblings: Workflow Solutions for E-Health – MedTech Singapore 2009

Alright, time to provide an update on a fantastic conference that just took place yesterday (31st July 2009) @ The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

The event boost a rather well assembled pool of knowledgeable (and entertaining) speakers. I presented a short topic (about 15 minutes) on “Defining Workflow for Optimum Automation and Efficiency” and led a Panel Discussion on the same topic.

It was quite an experience as it was the first time I led a panel discussion (thankfully the feedback for both my presentation and panel lead was good, it pays to play ’emcee’ at times 🙂 )

For the panel, I had the following (distinguished) panel  members;

  1. Mr Don Ferren, Pharmacy Consultant, Omnicell
  2. Dr Chow Yuen Ho, MBBS, Director, Life Incorporated Pte Ltd
  3. Mr Ken McClellan, Chief Technical Officer, Mitrais

Dr Lavanian Dorairaj CEO & Managing Director, HCit Consultant was supposed to join in the panel but couldn’t come at the last minute.

In my humble opinion, it was quite well-organized and the audience mix was excellent. I give the organizers – MedTech Dynamics (nice people) two thumbs up and I look forward to their next event (be it locally or within the region).

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