Siemens Celebrates First Definition AS 20 CT Shipment

According to this article at,

“Siemens Healthcare, of Malvern, Pa., has announced the first installation of its SOMATOM® Definition AS (Adaptive Scanner) 20-slice configuration CT system at Center for Diagnostic Imaging of Minneapolis.

According to the company, the SOMATOM Definition AS is the world’s first adaptive CT scanner, adapting to virtually any patient for complete dose protection.

“The installation of the SOMATOM Definition AS 20-slice CT is consistent with our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality images and care to our patients and physicians,” said Patricia Zadra, CDI Regional VP. “In addition to the lower radiation dose patients will receive, the system’s scalability is important to our business operations. We will now be able to easily upgrade our CT capabilities as demand for advanced imaging services in our community grows.”

The SOMATOM Definition AS platform features a new 20-slice configuration, a 31-inch (78 cm) gantry bore, and optional 660 pounds (300 kg) patient weight capacity. Also available in 40-slice, 64-slice, and 128-slice – AS+ configurations, the scanner offers an Adaptive 4D spiral mode, enabling functional imaging with perfusion capabilities of the brain and other organs and an extended coverage of up to 7 cm.”

Adaptive Scanner…. sounds cool to me.

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