Ramblings: My next (three) speaking slots are..

So life has been busy for… well, everyone (no exception for me) but lack of time is never really an excuse of a Certified Project Manager right 🙂 Of course, there are times when its beyond “human capabilities” but I usually pull things off (thankfully).

I received another invitation to speak for a conference in late July so I thought I’ll post up my next speaking slots;

  1. College of Radiology (Academy of Medicine, Malaysia) on the 25th June.
    The topic is not decided yet but its going to be on new technologies in PACS (radiology theme)
  2. HL7 Singapore’s Sharing Session on the 30th June 2009
    My topic is “Health IT Standards in the Enterprise – Effective Adoption for Workflow Optimization”
  3. E-health Conference in Singapore on the 31st July.
    The topic is not decided yet but the theme is ‘workflow solutions in e-health’

I also need to write a few articles (I got so much materials and topic on mind) but I reckon I first need to define my “Project Plan” first. If you need a speaker on healthcare informatics and related topics (be it in Singapore or not), just drop me a mail.

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