Ramblings: I’m flying off to the Philippines (again)

I’m going to spend the week in the Philippines, mainly for the Philippine Heart Association 40th Annual Convention for pre-sales support and solution demonstrations. In addition, I will be delivering a lunch symposium lecture title ” Cardiology Informatics: An Enabler of Workflow Efficiency”  (drop me an email if you are interested in this lecture).

As mentioned in my previous trip to the Philippines (last month), the country is gearing up for embracement into healthcare informatics but needs to be better educated before they jump into the bandwagon so I hope this particular lecture will be of some help.

I also made a day trip to Malaysia (last week), while I didn’t really get much out of the trip, I did get a pulse of things in the region (well, its not that far away from Singapore where I am based). During my trip, I noticed another emerging trend (well, related to what I observed previously) that is occurring throughout South East Asia (got to do a little of scoping to see if it is the same in the rest of Asia Pacific).

Stay tune for updates for the Philippine Heart Association 40th Annual Convention.


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