Ramblings: Swine Flu and HL7 (SG) Standards Sharing Session

So what is the co-relation between the Swine Flu (Influenza A, H1N1) that is causing global panic and Health Level Seven (Hl7)  Singapore Chapter ?

Well for starters, they are both related to healthcare 🙂 but that’s not the main reason for this blog entry.

I was due to present on the topic of Health IT Standards in the Enterprise - Effective Adoption for Workflow Optimization for an upcoming Health Level Seven (Singapore) Standards Sharing Session but the  Ministry of Health (Singapore) raise the alert to “Orange” (back on the 6th March) which basically means all inter-hospital staff movements are restricted and visits to healthcare institutions are discouraged.

Even though the alert has been lowered to “Yellow”, which means no biggie, the event still got postpone till further notice.

Ah well, all hail the swine flu!

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