Ramblings : Updates on my recent trip to the Philippines

My recent trip to the Philippines was nothing short of fulfilling. While the scope of duties spiralled from Product Training and Sales demonstration (application) to the same plus project scoping, integration and customer awareness training, it was still manageable (the benefits if being a pioneer in the industry who had jump many hoops and wore multiple hats, it pays off).

As with most other Asia country that has a rich culture as well as western influence, Philippines is also embarking on the Medical Tourism journey. This driver for healthcare informatics adoption has remained unchanged for the past 10 years and I can imagine it becoming a stronger motivation in the Asia region due to not only the demands but also the conditions that is making it extremely viable.

While the desire to implement healthcare informatics is strong, the key decisions makers lack the knowledge and experience, this opens up many opportunities for education and training as well as the opportunity to raise the knowledge and concepts (limitations and possibilities) on what Healthcare Informatics can do (and not).

I’m kind of glad that I’d be heading back there soon (in May) for a conference. (Lets hope I can write an article or two on this topic.) If you are interested in finding out more and share the same goals (raising the bar in healthcare informatics), just contact me.


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