FDA approval brings GE portable ECG to U.S.

The convergence of mobile devices with computing platforms has introduced new alternatives / developments.

The first wave came with modalities started to become PC based (ultrasound etc) and the latest seems to be mobile phones (well, the computing based ones). The recent months have seem raves about the possibilities IPhone, Windows Mobile can have in the world of Healthcare Informatics with the most recent blog entry being on Smartphone based Ultrasounds and now we have the GE MAC 800, a portable electrocardiogram (ECG) device based on cell phone technology.

Originally developed and introduced in China in 2008, the portable device combines the keypad of a phone with a color display and diagnostic software and weights less than seven pounds (including the lithium ion battery which last approximately two hours and takes four-hours to recharge). The unit’s integrated handle enables clinicians to carry it like a briefcase.

The MAC 800 is also equipped to meet the connectivity needs of most practices, including LAN, modem, SD card and serial port to store and send ECG data from any location and has the option to output the ECGs as a PDF or XML to enable storage and data sharing.

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