Ramblings: What a week

For those who noticed, I didn’t blog a single post on HIMSS 2009 (the Chicago version). Well, I reckon that since everyone else is already blogging on it, I’d do research on other stuff instead 🙂

The good news is, it has been a fulfilling week. I’m working on several side projects (on different aspects of healthcare informatics) and one of them went ‘live’ recently – The International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day.

So for those who keep asking why I’m still awake at 2am my time (I am located in Singapore, my friends in UK, USA, UAE etc were really puzzled when I was online for Skype) over the past week as well as over the weekends, The International PACS Administrator Appreication Day is the reason why.

And frankly, I think it was worth my time because you cannot imagine the number of feedback, response on it, imaging informatics professionals (aka PACS Administrators) and supporting staff (be it from the hospital or solution provider’s end) are all excited about having a day of our own! (And I think we deserve the day).

So that’s that and I reckon I’ve to work on other side projects (but I’ll keep tab on this one).

So if you are an imaging informatics professional, please spread the word. Its your day as much as its mine.

Enjoy 🙂

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