Ramblings : HospitalBuild Asia 2009

For those who wondered – the answer is no. I did not forget to blog about HospitalBuild 2009, I was however, quite busy with work (and a few interesting side project that is helping shape the medical informatics industry in Asia).

Anyway, on the topic of HospitalBuild Asia 2009, I reckon the event went on pretty well. Dedicated to the business of managing hospitals in Asia, the inaugural event unveils cutting-edge technology and industry best practices from global healthcare leaders. Support by numerous government agencies, trade and industry associations, the event’s congress boost of 8 conference tracks

  1. Leaders in Healthcare
  2. Healthcare Facilities Investment and Finance
  3. Quality, Standards and Accreditation
  4. Hospital Design, Build and Upgrade
  5. Hospital Management and Maintenance
  6. IT Infrastructure and Technologies
  7. Imaging and Diagnostics Management
  8. Surgery Management

Each track was brimming with international thought leaders with thought-provoking lectures and meaningful insights. For me (Thanks to Dr Sumer), I spoke on the topic of “Emerging PACS Trends that Increase Imaging and Diagnostics Efficiency and Effectiveness” (for the Image and Diagnostic Management track), where I touch on the top five emerging trends in imaging informatics that will not only increase imaging and diagnosis by the diagnosis physician but also lower healthcare cost while increasing the level of patient care. (Enjoy the slides here)

The real joy for me was the opportunity to catch up with old friends, acquaintance while making new contacts. I caught up with ex-colleagues from various previous jobs, old friends who have moved on to various other solution or healthcare providers. It was actually more meaningful as I missed HIMSS this year 🙂

Lets hope I get invited back as a speaker for HospitalBuild Asia 2010.

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