Ramblings: Neupert On Health

I’m sure that everyone who is someone in the world of healthcare informatics and related industry would know by now who Mr Peter Neupert is, after all, there are only so many individuals who testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

Now Peter does blog (although not frequent – he’s a busy man) and his blog is called Neupert On Health. I do try to read his blog because I am interested in seeing what sort of developments and impact Microsoft is bringing to the Asia region, I personally think that Microsoft as a brand name  will have a bigger impact on the industry then anyone else would every have (well at least at this point in time, maybe Apple will bring in a sexier side of it)

One of Peter’s recent post is based on his observation during a recent trip to Asia (blog post here) and I personally think he has made some pretty good observation. I left my 2cents worth of comments for that blog post. I reckon he will most probably never reply to my comments but heck, whats there to lose 🙂

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