Radiolopolis- The All New Radiology City

I got introduced by Dr Sumer Sethi to a new Radiology community called Radiolopolis.

As first sight, Radiolopolis looks exactly as it sounds, a whole ‘city’ dedicated the all things radiology, covering multiple aspects like education, research and practice. Created by Dr Roland Talanow, Radiolopolis aims to serve as a community platform for Radiology, where people from all over the world connect to peers, find information from colleagues and share their knowledge.

I’d say the idea is pretty cool, I might jump on the bandwagon to see how things work out there (it does look promising).

Do check it out at


  1. JN says:

    Isn’t this much like radRounds?

  2. Adam Chee says:

    Hi JN,

    Yes, you are right, it does resemble RadRounds (and I reckon there are at least a couple sites around more that are similar (although I think RadRounds ‘came’ first).

    Radiolopolis is relatively new so it’s direction might turn out to be something interesting (one never knows). For the record, RadRounds is an affiliated site of 🙂

  3. Roland says:

    Radiolopolis differes from other social (Radiology) networks because it is more comprehensive and focusses even more on education, research and practice than others with all the implemented features.
    If you need some more info, feel free to contact me.
    Thank you very much!

  4. Roland says:

    Radiolopolis now offers also creation of Radiology residency groups. Many tutorials and radiological tools have been implemented. I won’t list all new features here – if interested, visit the Radiolopolis website.

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