CD/DVD Recorders across the ‘Ologies’

“With the ever-increasing emphasis on integrating healthcare IT solutions across the healthcare enterprise, CD and DVD recorders with their widespread and evolving capabilities have managed to fill much-needed niches within various image-dependent departments—particularly radiology, pathology and cardiology.”

Interesting quote. With the proliferation of PACS, the demands for studies to be copied on CDs/DVDs (as a replacement for the traditional hardcopy film) raises because with every facility that has a PACS installed, several others without one exists.

However, this blog post does not look at that topic (but it is an interesting one though), instead, the original article (read it here) talks about the usage of CD/DVD recorders in different disciplines like Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology and why they are here to stay (at least for a while).

From an infrastructure point of view, it would be wise to adopt a similar type of CD/DVD burner or at least have them networked so there is a backup if  one of these little guy fails, the question is the embedded viewer provided with these CD/DVD recorders. Not all embedded viewers are the same.

Take for example -stress echos, launch these images with your typical viewer meant for radiology images and you are most likely going to find it incapable of handling the DICOM headers, but then again, stress echos are usually not performed in the world of radiology.

So what is the perfect solution? Well until PACS becomes an absolutely common in all imaging centres, the solution really depends on the workflow requirements and the creativity of your PACS Administrator / Manager.

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