Ramblings: SingLive 2009 – Day Two

The exhibition for SingLive ended yesterday at about 5 pm (phew).

It was a good day, lots of interest from delegates (spread throughout the region) on cardiology informatics, the benefits and how the technology works. I see this as an excellent indication on the raising awareness on both the relevancy and importance of healthcare informatics in the arena of cardiology for the Asia region, especially in comparison to previous events / congress / conferences, the interest and enthusiasm were never higher 🙂

I also managed to make sure I got myself educated on the latest offerings from monitoring equipment, modality, consumables vendors, I think it is important to be at least aware (and understand the basics) of relevant technologies, it really helps in workflow analysis and in turn, the solution designed.

I guess it was a event worth our time (well, at least mine) as I had first hand communication with the unique individuals all over Asia, understanding their needs, trends, made new friends while catching up with old ones. Establish commercial contacts and discussed potential partnership, obtained leads for potential deals, gathered market intelligence on competitors offerings and even took a cue or two on how to improve on the marketing and mar-com aspect of things.

I guess the time, effort and extreme lack of sleep was well compensated in some ways 🙂

Till SingLive 2010 next 21 – 24 January 🙂

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  1. Camille says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    #1 Top Search Engine – Google

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