Ramblings: SingLive 2009 – Day One

Phew, what a long day! I woke up at 6am just to beat the traffic jam (even though I am not driving today) to the exhibition centre – Suntec City Convention Hall for SingLive 2009.

The day got an exciting start (although I will not comment too much on it) and remained extremely busy throughout with not only queries from delegates who are interested in cardiology informatics (scheduling, cardiovascular information system and cardiology PACS) and product demonstration (I think I did 7 demos while my clinical analyst did even more. I got the thumbs up from her on my ‘demo skills’ though, the feeling was extremely rewarding as I am a technical marketing product manager, not clinical 🙂  I guess the late nights fiddling with an end-user manual in front of a demo workstation paid off)

In addition, I had several colleagues who flew in from China for this event (yup, that’s how famous SingLive is) to support us as there are numerous delegates from China (amidst several  countries).

Of course, the best part is still the networking. Catching up with old friends who move on to different companies while making new ones sparked off several collaboration potentials as well as marketing opportunities – I’m a firm believer of creating a win-win situation. I reckon if you help enough people, they will return the favor when you really need it. Worked extremely well for me so far 🙂

So in all it was a long and tiring day but the good news is that while other big modality vendors are not exhibiting this year due to budget issue, my company (well, the one I work for) remained not only robust but drew in more interest than ever! Feels good to be (an important) part of the winning team 🙂 🙂

Interestingly, a conversation with a friend working in a large famous medical grade provider (starts with a B, no prizes for guessing the correct answer though) commented on the large market potential of a side ‘business’ that I have been trying to get a partner with.

It ached alittle as I see numerous commercial opportunities on this aspect every other day but keep having to turn it away as the partner I’ve identified wanted to hold on the discussion till April. (But I guess they have their rights). The good news I have on this? Well I am now thinking of Plan B to capture these opportunities 🙂

Still tune for more on Singlive 2009 – Day Two and this side ‘business’ idea of mine 🙂

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