Ramblings: Of HIMSS Asiapac 09 and SingLIVE 2009

Two major conferences will take place next week in Asean, HIMSS AsiaPac 09 and SingLIVE 2009.

HIMSS AsiaPac 09 is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 24th -27th Feb while SingLIVE 2009 is held in Singapore from the 26th Feb – 1st Mar.

Now those familiar with the geography of this region will know that both locations are relatively near (its 1 hour by plane) and I was initially (back in 2008) very very very excited about attending these two events in Feb 2009, the excitement lasted till the official dates were released – there is a clash of schedule.

As such, I have to forgo HIMSS AsiaPac 09 and stay guard for SingLIVE 2009 because

  • It is one of the most prestigious cardiology event in Asia
  • I am organizing (and in charge of) the exhibition booth for my company (my day job)

On a side note, I wrote a press release on the ECG Management System under my product umbrella as well as an advertorial on an Enterprise IT solution that will be showcased at HIMSS, so I guess I am still ‘connected’ somehow…. 🙂

I personally feel sad that I cannot be physically present for HIMSS AsiaPac 09 as I had missed HIMSS AsiaPac 08 (I attended the one for 2007) and this particular event it not just the biggest healthcareIT event in the region but also an opportunity for me to catch up with old friends working across the different companies (and across different countries).

Ah well, I guess it can’t be help. Do drop me an email if you are coming to SingLIVE 2009 and want to catchup.

More on SingLIVE 2009 coming up on the days to come.

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