Ramblings: Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare

I was informed by the selection committee from Marquis Who’s Who back in November 2008 that in review of my achievements, I was being considered for inclusion in 2009-2010 Edition of Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare which is scheduled for publication in August 2009.

I felt extremely honored to receive such recognition as the Marquis Who’s Who is one of the most recognized biographical dictionaries (there are several who’s who rip offs, Marquis is one of the few recognized worldwide).

Earlier this week, I was informed officially via mail  to verify my biography for publication (the print directories are used as a reference tool by researchers, journalists and medial professionals, it is almost almost found in public libraries) and I must say, the feeling was pure cloud nine 🙂

So there you have it, I’m now a “Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare” and this little acheivement seriously motives me to spend more time on binaryHealthCare.com as well as to publish more papers 🙂

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