Ramblings: PACS Data Mirgation

“PACS Data Migration”, what a ‘dirty word’  🙂

I’ve been through my fair share of Data Migration, from a PACS replacement when I was working as a Imaging Informatics Systems Administrator in a hospital, to proving advice consultancy as a Consultant, to providing methodology and applications from a solution provider point of view. Every data migration is unique and always posed a challenge.

Why is it a challenge? Well my friend, that question warrants an entire series of articles by it self but I’m not going to reinvent the wheel anytime soon. However, if you have questions on Data Migration philosophy or methodology, feel free to email me.

I was reading the (wonderful) posts on the PACS Admin yahoo groups and someone mentioned a free data migration tool (yes, you read it right – Free!).

In view of a potential free tool, I check out the company – Laitek (which I have no affiliation to) and according to their web portal, Laitek performs data migration services either directly for hospitals or as a subcontractor to replacement PACS vendors, they will develop a migration proposal based on the hospital’s individual needs and a technical investigation of site requirements.

The website posed some very interesting read on the concepts of PACS Data Migration and the company’s approach to theses concepts. The free tool is intended for small scale data migration and has a limitation of 10,000 studies (not bad if you ask me), there is a download page that requires registration (here), do update this post on your experience and thoughts if you try the tool.

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